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WW Pirate Zace by Wolfdog WW Pirate Zace :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 55 12
Mature content
MPII - Carmen vs Hrilani :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 2 2
GLaD I'm not you by Wolfdog GLaD I'm not you :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 10 14
MP II - Ophila vs Spheira
The fourth battle that I witnessed was between two contestants fallen to the Lost Ways after the second ring, fighting for a place to rejoin the tournament at the third ring.
The arena was physically a rather plain affair with dull slate-grey walls. Small motes of light floated about and rather curiously, specks of dark material also hovered in the air occasionally devouring their light counterparts.
Both competitors appeared instantaneously, having not traversed a path to reach the ring. It was a fight between the shadow-possessed young Hylian man Spheira, and the Shadow being Ophila.
Ophila said nothing. She merely stepped forward, drew her fencer's sword  and pointed it at her opponent, eerily making no sound despite the bells attached to her ankle and sword. Her inky blue-black hair framed her face as her gaze fixed on Spheira. The young man appeared startled when he saw her but did not immediately reach for his weapons.
“Before we start...” he said awkwardly
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 6 20
Carmen Lightbane by Wolfdog Carmen Lightbane :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 15 12
MP II - Amaya vs Taliesin
The third battle that I witnessed was a fight in the second ring – a match between two contestants that had ascended from the lost ways.
The blue-haired Hylian Amaya was the first to enter the room. She had travelled along the path of Novus -  it was an empty path, smooth and newly dug from the surrounding rock as its name suggested, so it did not take her long to reach her destination.
The path of Magnus was a more treacherous affair – great boulders lurched from the sides of the tunnel and stalactites emerged from the floor. I needed only to take a glimpse into that path to know that even though it was well lit with an eerie fungal glow, it would be difficult to traverse. Yet, the blind Sheikah Taliesin navigated its interior eerily flawlessly. He would take a step and from its echoes be able to discern where the objects in his path lay.
The room where the battle was to take place was almost like a great circular theatre with smooth, pearly marble walls that echoe
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 2 13
OC short- Father-daughter time
Kahi sat perched upon her father's back. Of course, it helped that he was a burly tiger and she  a six year old girl. She was wearing a dainty pink and white dress with frills on the hem, but thanks to her wild black hair and grubby skin she managed to make it look untidy.
The girl petted the tuft of black fur on his head, then grasped Reg's ears.
“Don't pull too hard Kahi, those are the only ears I got!” he teased, half grumbling and half laughing.
“Hmph Daddy! Real kitties don't talk!” Kahi pouted, slumping on Reg's back and swinging her legs.
“Aren't I a lot better than a kitty?” he chuckled. Kahi considered this for a moment.
“Hmm well yeah I 'spose. Real kitties are a lot smaller and they always run away from me. But Daddy can carry me around and he's not a kitty all the time....” she said swinging her arms round his ruffled neck. She sighed.
“When will I be able to turn into a tiger, Daddy? It's not fair that only you
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 6 18
Beach time by Wolfdog Beach time :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 12 35
Outcast Chapter 6
“What now?” Blith whimpered. His whole body felt so... wrong, it was difficult to even remain standing. Only a part of that was the change in sensation and posture; he just felt drained.
“We go downstairs.” Hokin answered plainly, gesturing towards the exit with his head.
Blith experimented with taking a few steps towards the door, then sat down, tilting his head to one side.
“How do I open it?” the wolf whimpered. Hokin rolled his eyes, lamenting Blith's lack of common sense.
“Just jump up and lever it down with your front paws.  We have door handles in this place for a reason, you know.” he answered patiently.
“R... right...” Blith said as he unsteadily attempted to do as Hokin described. His body seemed to  respond to his requests, as long as he remembered that he was walking on four legs instead of two. He applied pressure to the door handle until it clicked, then leaned on it pressing the door outwards with a sh
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 9 39
Heraldic Beasts by Wolfdog Heraldic Beasts :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 51 34 MPII - Allies by Wolfdog MPII - Allies :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 15 28
Mature content
MPII - Ankoku vs Dilila :iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 6 24
Outcast Chapter 5 - part 2
Blith turned a shade of bright red under his tanned skin.
“W-what? Right now?” he gasped.
“Well, you don’t want to go ruining your jeans with your claws do you?” Hokin smirked.
“B-but then I’d be naked!” he protested.
“I’m not wearing any clothes.”
“That makes it sound even worse!” Blith spluttered.
“I won’t be embarrassed.”
“But I will!”
“Let me put it this way…” Hokin stated unhurriedly “Who do you think fixed up a nice little tail hole in your jeans?” Blith swung round to look at his backside, and sure enough there was his fuzzy tail sticking out from a hole in his trousers.
“You can turn around if you like.” Hokin said, observing how embarrassed the poor guy was. “No-one will see you through the window, it’s all boarded up. But you’ll have to get used to it, none of us have any shame any more. Not even Lieska.” he stressed.
Blith flattened
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 9 28
Outcast Chapter 5 - part 1
Blith slowly drifted back into consciousness.
The morning sun was beginning to filter through the boarded up windows; he had been out cold all night. He couldn’t remember having any dreams, which was just as well since they were bound to have been unpleasant.
All I’ve done recently is let myself get knocked out, he thought, as the mugginess lifted from his head. His mind was plagued with a flurry of thoughts – becoming a shifter, Gang Kanii and how to escape it all.
I need to be more proactive, he mused.
That was what his parents had always told them. He felt a pang of sadness when he thought of them, remembering his father’s rage and his mother’s tears.
Deciding not to dwell on the past, he began to focus on the task at hand – getting out of the room where he was being held.
He swung his foot out of the bed but instead of it contacting the floor, which should have been hard and cool, it hit something warm, soft and fuzzy.
Blith looked down t
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 10 28
MPII - Haru vs Jaella
The first battle that I witnessed in the Myriad Dungeon was between the stunning blonde Hylian archer, Haru, and a young silver-haired girl possessed by a great evil, Jaella.  
Their chosen paths had crossed in a large cavern, whereupon they were to fight to decide the single victor.
Haru initiated conversation, holding her bow in one hand and a Hylian shield in the other which she had retrieved from the Path of the Octorok.
“I had not planned to enter this tournament to fight little girls, but I won't go easy on you!”
Jaella merely smirked and let out a sinister giggle.
“Don't underestimate me, you might just end up dead.”
With that, the silver-haired girl launched herself at the archer with intense speed and ferocity; Haru instinctively raised her shield and blocked the attack just in time, the brute force of the attack jarring her. Wasting no time, Haru countered with her own speed attack aiming to strike the girl with her shield whilst she was so close
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 5 17
Outcast Chapter 4
Lieska slouched with her back against the door, hanging her head. A pained expression showed on her face.
I wish I didn't have to do that to you.
She stared blankly at the back of her gloved hands and clenched her fists as she heard someone approaching. In this life, you have to appear strong. Hold back the tears.
“Hey Ratty!” purred a voice to her side, soon followed by Kahi grinning face. “The puppy, is he your kind of guy? Sure you don't want to.... do anything to him while he's asleep?” Lieska glared at the tiger shifter. Even though she was shorter, she had her arm resting on the door above Lieska's head probably in an effort to appear dominant.
“I'm not like you. I felt bad enough lying to him and giving him a sleeping tablet.”
“I could have beaten him senseless for you, you know.”
Lieska sighed, flattening her ears to her head.
“Yes, well... thanks for that.” She hoped the sarcasm would show, just a little.
Kahi moved her
:iconwolfdog:Wolfdog 8 26

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Megan Davies
Artist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Cambridge. England
Favourite genre of music: Rock, game, anime
Favourite photographer: Monty Sloan (
Favourite style of art: Watercolour
Yeah... this account is pretty much dead.
I'll still be posting Myriad Path stuff here and any Outcast related things so feel free to still leave me on your watch list if you like that.
I'm kinda keeping this account round for the writing/fanart/anime stuff I do, even though I don't do a lot of it any more. You may have noticed I've moved away from wolves and anthro art. So if you're watching me for that... probably don't bother...
I'm still a student and things are hideously busy nowadays as I am moving into the final years of my course. This time next year I estimate I won't have a life outside of vet school.
If anyone wants to see some of my other art (mostly ACEO art cards of animals I paint for eBay) just say and I'll give you a link to my Picasa gallery.


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